Campus Safety Information
Please click the link above for an important safety message from Mrs. Paso.


Safety: In an effort to enforce morning drop-off and pick-up procedures,  I feel that the following clarification will help ensure our campus safety. ONLY STUDENTS should be entering campus every morning starting at 8:30 am. Kinder parents are recommended to follow their classroom procedures and exit campus once their student has been released to teacher. It is important that students do not enter or exit the school through the front office. Please make arrangements with your children for pick up meeting points.   

Car Riders- use the car-pick up /drop-off area on All American Blvd.

Walkers & Bike Riders- use the bus gate located on Stanford Avenue, even if accompanied by their parents. 

TK & ASES-  Gate on All American Blvd by room 15 is to be used only by ASES and TK students at all times. 

Please remember that all campus visitors need to check in to the office. This applies to parents visiting for special events or extra support as well.  Please contact the front office to assist with Category 1 and Category 2 Volunteer Forms.

I appreciate your support in helping with our children’s safety, as I consider this my first priority. Thank you for your patience as we move forward in providing the safest environment for our students and families. 


Best Regards, 

Martha Paso 

Proud Principal Woodbridge Elementary