Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports


PBIS or Positive Behavior Intervention System is a program that is recognized through Placer County and Roseville City School District. Through PBIS, it is our mission to create a positive environment where all students are SAFE, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE and PROUD.

Here at Woodbridge, we take a great deal of pride in those school-wide character traits. A team of teachers at Woodbridge attend regular trainings in order to create consistent school-wide expectations for our students in all areas of our school. At Woodbridge, we have systems in place if a student is not following our school-wide expectations. We also have systems in place to acknowledge those students who are making great choices and exhibiting our character traits. Those systems include Woodchuck Bucks, Woodchuck Store, Monthly Awards Assemblies and Free Recess (extra play time for students who did not receive a referral for the entire month). It is our mission to create a positive school culture so that students can come to school and excel in their studies.